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E commerce Fruit Website

E commerce Fruit Website was big challenge for me from start of year 2008, very first big challenge faced after taking over this project was finding the keywords and followed by optimiziing these keywords in all search engines.This was an initiative to improve the organic rankings & increase website traffic for Fruit selling Website The brand ranked well for their brand name, but not for any search terms.

Before SEO the website was poorly ranked against target search terms and did not generate a significant amount of traffic nor revenue through this channel.

The objective of the SEO initiative was high keyword rankings & traffic.

The site was optimized during the initial build of Version 2.0. Careful consideration of the keyword analysis was used to write the Title tags on the website. Progress was seen in the rankings a few weeks after launch. However over time, a thorough SEO Audit of the site revealed that additional changes were necessary to rank for the identified keywords. The site needed some minor onsite changes, and despite the site having a huge amount of inbound links, very little was being directed in such a way as to promote the main keywords.

Below are The top 20 keywords search queries in which this website appeared on Google.com first page using ‘Web Search’. You may also verify them all by clicking on these keywords.PLease note that Google Update results frequently so there is possibilities of different ranking positions when you verify these results

As per client website name is confidential I will tell you if you want to know please contact me

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