Pay Per Click (PPC) Packages

PPC or the Pay-Per-Click is one of the most widely used models of internet advertising today. In this, the hosts are paid by the advertisers for each click on their ad.
PPC is a great tool in the hands of advertisers who want to reach their target market easily. There are many PPC plans you can choose from. However, getting the right PPC package to suit your business needs and budget is a challenging task.
I offer PPC packages that are devised to meet your pocket and needs.
Salient features of my PPC packages include

Sl No. Activities Silver Gold Platinum
  Setting up PPC accounts & campaign $200/Month $350/Month $500/Month
1. Account Set up      
2. Campaign Set up      
  Keyword Research      
  Geo Location Setup      
  Ad Copy Development      
  Bid Setup      
  Ad Scheduling Setup      
  Selecting Landing Page      
  Implementation of Conversion tracking Code      
  Implementation of Google Analytics Code      
  Implementation of Yahoo Conversion Tracking Code      
  Implementation of Bing Conversion Tracking Code      
  PPC maintenance USD 250 USD 400 USD 550
3. Landing Page Optimization      
  Creating new landing pages (Recommendations)      
  Setting up Website optimizer      
  A/B Testing      
  Refinement of Ads/Creatives to develop competitive Ad Copies      
  CTR Analysis (e.g. analyzing the CTR to check the most effective Ad copy)      
  Keyword Refinements (if required)      
  Bid Refinements (if required)      
4. Reporting Techniques      
  Work reports (including the tasks done for campaign setup/management) Weekly Bi-Weekly Bi-Weekly
  Weekly Campaign Performance Report      
5. Reporting Techniques      
  Email and Chat      

* Rates of all the above plans are effective for up to 150 keywords and/or 5 campaigns
** For requirements comprising of more than 150 keywords and/or 5 campaigns, I offer custom plan

Campaign Set Up
In this phase, I carry out the research on various keywords, write ad copies, set up bids and implement tools to estimate the geographical location of target audience.

The successful campaign setup follows with scheduling of ads and other important aspects of ensuring a successful ad campaign.

Ad Maintenance
This phase of my PPC plan entails optimization of landing pages, setting up website optimizer, refinement of the creatives/ads to ensure the competitiveness of the ad copies, CTR (Click Through Rate) analysis to measure the success of the campaign, keyword and bid refinement as well as other important aspects.

We provide you with weekly report carrying the status of the PPC campaign. The report details every aspect of the campaign from setting up to the maintenance of the pay per click plan. Our plans are cost efficient yet highly effective in improving your search engine ranking. You can choose from the various options depending on your budget and requirements.

About me

I'm Qamar Ali, a highly skilled and experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert and an Internet Marketing Consultant, based in Islamabad, Pakistan. I've been in this industry for quite some time now and have helped various small businesses and independent clients rank high on Google, Yahoo and Bing with the use of ethical white-hat SEO techniques that I have perfected over time through real experience.

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