Multi Lingual SEO

About 75% of the Internet is in languages other than English. This means that if you have a global audience, you are reaching only 25% of it! So for instance, if you have customers in Spain, chances are that they can’t find you. Multilingual SEO for foreign search engines therefore should be an integral part of your Internet Marketing strategy.

I bring to you multilingual SEO services, which allow you to pick keywords in most widely-used foreign languages such as French, Spanish and German.

You do not have to translate your entire website in order to submit to foreign search engines. Most times it is sufficient to create just one page on your website with content in the foreign language of your choice, say German. I will submit this page, with German content and optimized with German keywords and meta tags, to German Search Engines. This page will be appear to German users when they find you via German search engines, and they will then be directed to your original website, which would be in English.

Moreover, I do not target only country-specific search engines. Instead, I target market-specific search engines. For instance, if you want your keyword optimization to be in Spanish, I do not restrict your keywords to searches in Spain. Instead, I optimize your website for search engines in every country with a large Hispanic population – from the U.S. to Central America to South America.

With my expertise of multilingual SEO services, I ensure that you really do reach a larger global audience via the worldwide web.

See case study at this link . This website is offering their content in 3 different language and I have optimized this website for different languages.