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Every business has specific goals to follow and needs to meet. Therefore, no single SEO package can suit all the businesses. Understanding this scenario, I offer SEO Plans specific to your business needs. A comprehensive SEM Plan and various SEO packages, namely the Standard SEO Plan, Advanced SEO Plan, Superior SEO Plan that I offer are customized to suit the specific needs of your business.
My SEO Plans at a Glance

Sl No. Activities Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
$350/Month $550/Month $650/Month $850/Month
1. Keywords Research
Analysis of keyword difficulty, popularity and predicted searches
Finalizing a set of keywords for the promotion of the website Upto 10 Upto 15 Upto 20 Ever expanding
2 SEO Analysis & Refinements
Complete website analysis
Competitor analysis 1 3 5
Site structure analysis
URL Analysis
URL Rewriting (if feasible from existing code)
Code Analysis
Code Refinements
Blog integration
3. Title & Metadata
Creating title & metadata for the website to target the keywords Only required pages Only required pages All pages All pages
Updating title & metadata as per the requirement and search engine updates during further maintenance of the website
Suggesting patterns for title & metadata of dynamic pages
Implementing patterns for title & metadata of dynamic pages (if feasible from existing code)
4. Content Optimization
Content Checking
Keyword density & prominence
Duplicate content
Content optimization – Optimizing content to target specific keywords. Only required pages Only required pages All pages All pages
SEO copywriting – Optimizing articles, blogs and other write-ups from search engine perspective
5. Search Engine Code optimizations
Image optimization Only required pages Only required pages All pages All pages
Header tags optimization Only required pages Only required pages All pages All pages
Anchor text optimization Only required pages Only required pages All pages All pages
Absolute path
Canonical URLs (For Apache/Linux Servers)
W3C Validations of HTML Code (if feasible from existing code)
Robot.txt optimization
6. SEO Checks
Browser compatibility checking
Page size checking
Website load time checking
Broken link checking
7. Sitemaps & Feeds (Creating & Updating on regular basis)
RSS Feeds
W3c verification of RSS feeds
XML Sitemap
ROR Sitemap
URL List (TXT sitemap)
8. SEO accounts
Creating Yahoo email account for using in various off-page practices
Creating accounts in Google, Yahoo and Bing
Submit Xml sitemap, URL list etc. in search engines
Setting the preferred domain in webmaster accounts.
9. Google Analytics
Creating account
Implementing code on all pages of the website
Tracking & analyzing stats
Configuring Goals
10. Manual Directory Submission –
Submitting the website in various web-directories for better visibility and links from relevant categories
11. Link Building –
Building one way links from theme and relevant websites. 10 15 20 25
12. Blogs & Wikis
Creating blog account like in BLOGGER etc. 1 2 2 2
On page optimizing of blogs
SEO copywriting for Blogs
No. of write-ups per month 4 6 8 12
Updating blogs
13. Feed Promotion
RSS feed submission
Blog feeds submission
Blog pinging (in Technorati etc.)
14. Articles
SEO copywriting for articles 4 6 8 10
Syndicating articles in various article distribution directories –
No. of write-ups per month
10 15 20 25
Independent account
No. of directories 10 15
15. Social Bookmarking
Creating accounts in Digg, Faves etc.
No. of accounts 5 8 10 12
SEO copywriting for bookmarking content
No of bookmarkings per month 5 12 15 18
16. Micro-blogging (Twitter Etc.)
Creating account in twitter etc. No. of accounts 1 2 4 6
Micro-blogging for the promotion of the website.
No. of postings per month 10 12 18 25
17. Press Release
SEO copywriting – Press Releases
Creating accounts in PR sites (Using a website email id, e.g. press@…)
No. of accounts 4 6 8 10
Submitting PRs
18. Forums & Message Boards
Selection of few popular message boards for participation
Creating accounts
No. of accounts 3 5
Posting threads
Initializing threads
Initializing per month 4 8
19. Search Engine Mechant/Product Listing
Creating feed
Listing website product in Google Base & Bing
20. Local business listing (Google Map)
Submitting website
Database submission: Details of the website submission in local database.
Review submission to create a significant online presence.
21. SEO Reports & Project Updates
Bi-weekly work updates
Monthly search engine ranking report (From third month onwards)
Fortnightly Project Status Report
22. Support
Email and Chat

Bronze SEO Plan
This Search Engine Optimization plan is particularly suitable for small individual investments and small establishments looking to reap benefits of being online. It entails website analysis of your website and optimization of up to ten keywords. You can reduce the Search Engine Optimization cost of your website with this plan. In addition, you get free email and IM support and more.

Silver SEO Plan
This plan involves a detailed analysis of your website and optimization of up to twenty keywords. Out of the keywords optimized, this plan optimizes at least 20% keywords in top pages of prominent search engines namely Google, Yahoo, and MSN. Besides titles and meta tags optimization, you get content optimization, HTML source code optimization and more.

Gold SEO Plan

Suitable for small to large-scale enterprises, this plan comes with a detailed analysis of your website along with the optimization of thirty keywords. Of the keywords optimized, about 30% get top ranking on leading search engines including the MSN, Yahoo, and Google. You get monthly traffic analysis report, press release optimization/distribution and more with this plan.

Platinum Plan
This is the most comprehensive of all our SEO packages. The plan ensures your website gets top rank. However, the Search Engine Optimization pricing is a bit higher for this SEM plan.

I offers SEO packages and SEO services to increase traffic to your website. Depending on the size and needs of your business and SEO pricing different plans offer, you can choose from the above-mentioned plans.

About me

I'm Qamar Ali, a highly skilled and experienced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert and an Internet Marketing Consultant, based in Islamabad, Pakistan. I've been in this industry for quite some time now and have helped various small businesses and independent clients rank high on Google, Yahoo and Bing with the use of ethical white-hat SEO techniques that I have perfected over time through real experience.

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